Yair Keter

CEO Dor l'Dor


Limor Sharon

Secretary Dor l'Dor day center

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Rachel Sharon

Dor l'Dor administrator


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Address: 5 Henrietta Szold, Afula.

Goals of the Association

Develop a living environment and basket of services that enable a suitable quality of life for the elderly and their households.

Develop a diversity of services that reflect the characteristics of the elderly and their peers.

Develop urban services for the city's elderly based on enhancing accessibility between sections of the city and supportive meeting-places for the different communities.

Develop regional expertise that attracts the elderly.

Establish the Association's reputation among Afula's pensioners, as a professional body specializing in promoting their welfare and offering practical programs based on their changing needs.

Empower pensioners and integrate them in the community in order to leverage the advancement of social issues.

Help the target population balance finances.

Vision of the Association

Afula's elderly will be part of the municipal community that is active and involved in the city. They will enjoy quality services, variety and accessibility, with an emphasis on pluralism and quality of the living environment in the municipal space.

Planning and development that targets the elderly will integrate with Afula's overall strategic vision in developing the city and will constitute an integral part of that vision. This will be expressed in programs that cater to the individual, attending to various populations within the elderly sector, strengthening elderly meeting places and general solidarity at the regional level.

Furthermore, planning and development for the elderly will be founded on past heritage and current infrastructure, and aimed at encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship and quality of life.

The entire development apparatus for the elderly will reflect an overarching view that addresses a variety of life areas including: leisure, culture, sport, employment, volunteerism, health, education, etc. The apparatus will work to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, efficiency, professionalism, and quality of life. All this will be founded the process of empowering the elderly for their own benefit